Rotating Flip Charts

Rotating Flip charts are excellent to get a lot of information in a short amount of time.  This is how it works:

  • Write down the topics you want feedback on across each flip chart (1 topic per flip chart)

  • Divide into groups and give each group a specific color marker

  • Spread the groups across however many flip charts there are and have the group provide feedback on the topic for a time-boxed period 

  • When time expires, have each group move one flip chart clockwise taking their specific color marker

  • If the group agrees with what is already written, put a check mark beside it.  If the group disagrees, put an 'x' beside the statement.  Have the group also add anything they feel relevant to the topic that is not already written on the flip chart.

  • Again when the time expires, have each group move one flip chart clockwise and repeat the process until all the groups are back to the flip chart they started with 

  • The facilitator then starts at one flip chart and reviews the feedback with the entire group.  If there are any 'x' marks, then the facilitator knows which group did not agree and can ask questions

I have also used this with individuals vs. groups and had various flip charts set around the room and give the participants a time-box to worth within to visit all the flip charts.  This allows them to spend more time on the topics they feel stronger about.