• Agile Queen

Valentine's Day Themed

Set the Stage Activity - Heart Stack

Remember, those hard, chalky conversation hearts you always got on Valentine's Day as a kid? Well, buy a couple of bags and have team members play Heart Stack.

Team members will have 1 minute to stack as many hearts in one stack as high as possible. Before the activity starts, have each team member write down their estimate of how many hearts they can stack. After the activity, if there is a tie in who could stack hearts the highest, use the estimate to break the tie.

Data Gathering Activity - Love/Didn't Love

Everyone loves love but we also know that there are things that pierce the heart. Draw a heart on the board with an arrow through it. Have the team write down what they love about last sprint and what they didn't love about last sprint.

Closing Activity - Valentine Exchange

Have the team exchange Valentine's with each other! I suggest either drawing names or assigning everyone to write a Valentine for the person on their left. You can either use craft supplies/construction paper and have the team make the Valentines or you can buy a box of Valentines at the store. The Mad Lib style Valentines work great for this as it provides some laughs and steers away from mushy, love talk which isn't workplace appropriate.