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Thumbs up, Thumbs down, New Ideas and Recognition

This retro is great for talking about what is working and what is not working, but I also like it because it breathes freshness into the team by asking for new ideas. And, I love the recognition piece because this is healthy for teams to do every so often but most teams are not comfortable with giving or receiving recognition so this is an easy introduction to the recognition topic.

Set the Stage Activity - Amazon Rating

Rate the sprint – Star rating and a title (5 stars is the best); any comments are optional

Data Gathering Activity - Thumbs up/down, New Ideas, Recognition

Draw a quadrant and draw a thumbs up for quadrant 1, thumbs down for quadrant 2, a light bulb for quadrant 3 and a trophy for quadrant 4

Explain each of the areas:

  • Thumbs Up - things that went well in the sprint

  • Thumbs Down - things that did not go so well in the sprint

  • Light Bulb - new ideas to try

  • Trophy - recognition/appreciation of teammates

Have team members write items on post-its and place in the appropriate quadrant

Closing Activity - Pass the ball

Toss a ball around the team and before an individual can throw it to someone else, they have to give a reason they appreciate being on the team or why they think the team is awesome