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Improve Our Scrum Meetings

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

This is a great retro for teams who have been doing Scrum for a while and might need to refresh their meetings.

Set the Stage Activity - Team Awards

  • Write teach team member's name down on a piece of paper and put it into a bowl

  • Have each team member draw a name from the bowl

  • Each team member is responsible for making an award for the person whose name they drew

  • Provide paper plates, pipe cleaners, stickers and any other accessories appropriate for making awards

  • Give team members 10 minutes to create the award and then take turns having team members present the award to the recipient. Encourage team members to put the award up in their cube.

Remind everyone that teams are made up of unique individuals and we celebrate everyone being different. All team members bring something to the table.

Data Gathering Activity - Improve Our Scrum Meetings

You will need 5 flip charts for this exercise.

Write each Scrum meeting on one flip chart

  • Daily Standup

  • Planning

  • Sprint Review

  • Retrospective

  • Backlog Refinement

Next, give the team instructions:

  • Divide the team into groups

  • Assign each group a meeting to start with

  • Give groups 5 min to write down ideas for improving the meeting

  • At the end of the 5 minutes, each group moves to the next meeting and again writes down ideas for improvement

  • Continue rotating until the groups are back at the meeting they started with

*Tip: I also print out what each meeting's purpose is (from the Scrum Guide) so that the team can determine if they are currently conducting the meetings as intended

Closing Activity - Twitter Wall

Have a Flip Chart or Whiteboard available to the Team and write "Twitter" across the top

Have team members write their rating or feelings about the retro on the Twitter board - remind team members to use #hashtags