• Agile Queen

Balloon Retro

Set the Stage Activity - Balloon Tower

- Divide into teams

- Each team must work together to build the tallest freestanding tower using only a bag of balloons and masking tape. Remind players the importance of a sturdy base and time management. Set timer for 10 minutes. One color of balloons is base; other color is tower

Data Gathering Activity - Balloon Debrief

Does anyone see similarities between this activity and a sprint?

Divide balloons equally among team members so the base is divided and the tower of balloons are divided equally. Each team member then uses the balloons as the max number of items for the following ….

Gather data: When you think about last sprint….

1) What makes the base/foundation sturdy? (good)

2) What tends to get shaky or hard to hold together? (improvement items)

Closing Activity - One Word

Each person writes a word on a balloon to focus on for next sprint and takes it with them so they can put it in their cube/office as a reminder. Example: be more collaborative could be ‘collaborate’, be open to new ideas could be ‘open-minded’, have more fun could be ‘fun’. Writing the word on the balloon makes it harder for the person to forget since a balloon is not a normal item in the office; the balloon should be a physical reminder for them of their focus item.