• Agile Queen


Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Set the Stage Activity - Wrap Around

Divide the group into appropriate size teams and provide each team with streamers

Two players must use colored streamers and wrap the streamers around another player to wrap the player up like a mummy. Teams have one minute to completely wrap the other player up or to make the best overall mummy. This activity is a great, quick team building activity as everyone has to work together to succeed.

Data Gathering Activity - Lego Play

  • Instruct the team members to create a figure/scene/object that reflects last sprint

  • Have everyone introduce their creation and tell the team about it

  • This activity will often will bring out not only events but emotions. Have the team discuss/identify any trends they heard/discovered and ask them how they can improve upon them so that the next Lego Play activity will bring different creations.

Closing Activity - Rate the Retro

Have the team members rate the value of the retrospective meeting. Use a paper bag as a voting box and provide voting cards that consist of happy faces, frownie faces and straight faces. The team members pick up the appropriate emoticon card and drop it into the paper bag as they leave the meeting.

*Tip: Laminate the emoticon cards so that you can use them over and over again. Also, be sure to have enough cards for each emotion as there are team members.