Agile & Scrum Resources

Scrum references:

  • The Scrum Guide - this is the bible of Scrum in my opinion and where I always go back to if someone challenges me on something


Good agile/Scrum websites – most of these have an email list or blog to subscribe to and I would recommend signing up:


Websites for activities/retrospectives:

  • RetroMat

  • Fun Retrospectives

  • Tasty Cupcakes

  • Agile Strides

  • Google until you can’t google anymore – eventually you will find just the right activity for what you need😊

  • I google kids activities/teacher activities, team building, agile games – I use a combination of the objective I want to teach and agile/exercise/game/activity and just go from there (ex. agile energizer improve communication)



Scrum Master:

Scrum Mastery – Geoff Watts

Agile Estimating and Planning – Mike Cohn

Coaching Agile Teams – Lyssa Adkins

Extreme Programming – Kent Beck


Product Owner

User Story Mapping – Jeff Patton

Scrum Product Ownership – Robert Galen

Product Mastery – Geoff Watts



  • Fact or Crap game – flashcards for Scrum roles

  • User story cards – good for team brainstorming on a feature in a story writing workshop

  • Sizing cards – perfect for backlog refinement (planning if needed)

  • Prize Wheel – I’ve used this for numerous energizers – write a category per color and they spin wheel and answer question; if you have issues with someone breaking working agreements or being late to standup, spin the wheel of wrath and get such things as have to dance, send a funny email to entire company, wear something ridiculous all day, etc.  Too many use cases to write – it will be well worth the money spent

  • Balls – great for standups or meetings where you only want one person talking at a time; only the person with the ball speaks

  • Legos – good for retros, training, energizers

  • Beach Ball – can use dry erase marker to write on it – cheaper option than the prize wheel but delivers same kind of function; write different questions/topics on color and toss ball around


Training –

  • Scrum Master Training CSM

  • Product Owner Training CSPO

  • Agile Facilitation

  • Kanban class

  • Coaching Agile Teams

  • CAL – Agile Leadership course

  • Organizational Agility

  • Vendors