About Me

A coworker once called me the Queen of Agile because of my passion and love for it...the Agile Queen was born.  


I am a passionate Agile enthusiast with a specialty in Scrum just trying to share knowledge and make the Agile world a better place! I have been doing Agile/Scrum for the last 11 years. My first successful experience with Agile was in software development via Scrum as a developer; as a developer, I loved focusing on small parts of functionality rather than being overwhelmed with designing an entire system. I progressed from a Scrum developer into a Scrum Master role facilitating team discussions and removing roadblocks while continuing to feed my passion for Agile. Then, I became a Scrum Product Owner. I played the Product Owner role for over six years and was very successful at it.


Ultimately, I became an Agile coach and have gotten to coach both technical and non-technical teams in the last 2 years.  I have always been a team player and Agile plays to this strength. In addition, I believe my 15 years as a software developer gives me a unique vantage point into coaching technical teams and I believe playing all 3 Scrum roles, Team/PO/SM also gives me the ultimate advantage in being an Agile coach. I believe collaboration is key to product success and I thoroughly enjoy working closely with customers and teams in creating successful products.


​My love of Agile has carried over into my personal life and I try to embrace it in all aspects of my life.  My passion for Agile and what it can do for companies and people will always drive me to coach Agile wherever I am and in whatever I am doing.


Personally, I love spending time with the love of my life, Jason and our furbaby Buster, and traveling across this great nation!